"Dr. Hill believes being a dentist in her rural area of Pictou County has provided her with a very special and unique opportunity to not only treat patients, but connect and listen to those individuals who are also her neighbors."

"As a dentist and health care practitioner, Dr. El-Darahali is passionate about providing education on the importance of overall wellness. She believes this starts with making nutritious food accessible so that everyone can have a chance at living healthier lives."

"Now a retired family dentist from Meteghan, Nova Scotia, Dr. Boudreau spends many of his days building for, and maintaining, a local community park for children in the area – a project he started in 2008."

"During the week, Dr. Mackey is a practicing family dentist in Coldbrook, Nova Scotia. On the weekends, he’s a volunteer vocal coach and musical arranger for a local community theatre group located in Kentville, N.S."

"As a firm believer that Pictou County has many accomplishments and stories to celebrate, Dr. Hill knew bringing people together, connecting residents, and welcoming newcomers was what would make Pulse Pictou County a success."